Monday, February 22, 2010

They Are Done!

I'm happy to say that despite in the mayhem in my world over the last few weeks, I did  manage to complete one painting, my Mermaids. A few  waves painted here, and a little glitter added there, and viola! This is one of my mixed media pieces that is complete, right down to it's sparkly finishing touches.


Of course, it is those very sparkly finishing touches, plus my lack of finesse with my camera that hinder you from really seeing some if the details, but hey, I'm sure you get the general idea. I'm thinking of a way to 'seal' the whole piece with out dulling over the glitter, and I'm thinking that my old friend modge podge will do it, as long as I take care to paint around the glitter areas. I thought of spraying too, with a fixative, but not sure how that would work out. Any ideas as to what kind of sealants work best for mixed media pieces?

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