Thursday, July 29, 2010

Night Flight & Sea's Delight, or How the Mermaids found their way....

Soul sparkin' goodness completed, the finishing seal applied, these girls rock in the undersea-world, and have friends on the other side....(who do I think I am? Freakin' Ed Hardy??)

I received a message from my brother across the water,
He sat laughin' as he wrote the end's in sight.
So I said goodbye to all my friends
and I packed my hopes inside a matchbox
'cause I know it's time to fly.
I jumped a train that never stops,
So now somehow I'll know I never finished payin' for my ride.
Just n' someone pushed a gun into my hand
Tell me I'm the type of man to fight the fight that I'll require....

We are in the middle of a change in destination,
When the train stops all together we will smile.
Fly now baby...Get to fly, yeah.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010


I saw a deer in the same marsh as heron, at the reservoir. Deer teaches us to use the power of gentleness to touch the hearts and minds of wounded beings who are trying to keep us from connecting with the Great Spirit. Like the dappling of fawn's coat, both the light and dark may be loved to create gentleness and safety for those who are seeking peace.

If deer has nudged it's way into your life, you are being asked to find the gentleness of spirit that heals all wounds. Stop pushing so hard to get others to change and love them as they are. Apply gentleness to your present situation and become like the summer breeze; warm and caring. This is the tool for solving the present dilemma you are facing. If you use it, you will connect with the sacred centering place inside yourself, and Great Spirit will guide you. Thanks Deer. Duly noted.