Wednesday, December 30, 2009

almost year's end...almost new year

In May of 2008, I had a creative rediscovery. I was sitting at a bar with my husband when all of a sudden, years of positive karma and intention that had been building up around me made itself known. When something like that happens–well, it’s never what you expect - but the creative explosion that ensued helped me to redirect my energy, and allowed me to gently answer, as well as fearlessly ask soul’s questions. After neglecting my artwork for years, I suddenly found myself back at my easel painting and drawing, but now also cutting, pasting, using all my kid craft and scrap booking supplies, and incorporating word play into my work. Because along with creating visual works of art, I discovered that I really enjoyed writing. Two homemade journals later, and I felt confident enough to shake the dust off my old paintbrushes.

Synchronicity, a positive frame of mind and some creative kindred inspiration guided me to create one painting, and then another and the writings flourished too. I was totally enjoying the process of creating…almost like experiencing it for the first time, since I had no expectations of it. It simply ‘was’, and I was letting it ‘be’. After some happy accidents combining words and visuals, I began to dream about future creative projects, and my favorites included ideas for coffee table books. They would showcase my original artwork and verse using a well known format. They would be both visually appealing and interesting (using my unique “themes” for each book, of course), and would hopefully intrigue just about anyone who happened upon them. And then I discovered blogs. I kept doing my artwork and kept writing, and continued to find, read and enjoy the world of blogs. And my fascination with them is still very much intact.

Finally, the light bulb went on. By definition a coffee table book is a large hardcover book, oversized and heavy –no need to carry it around. It’s intended to alleviate boredom, inspire conversation and/or entertain. It’s obviously very visual and contains simple prose, if any at all. A blog allows the creator of the blog to express herself; to amuse, inform, provoke, inquire, etc…in a very accessible way. Besides being a perfect way to ‘get my stuff out there’, a blog might allow me to develop this gift of creativity, both in my writing and visual art. It could also help me to (hopefully) connect with other like-minded folks throughout the world. My blog could be light hearted, straight up, informational, fun, etc…and not have to be too formal –not too many ‘rules’. I could really be me on my blog (but of course, spare you the details of my peri-menopausal angst). I would get to keep it real. Every single day (or, just about) I get to keep it, and my creative work, real.

And so, I humbly present coffee table blog – a place for art, writing, ideas, connection, trial & error, life & love. I suspect that I’ll post ideas for my artwork, the works in progress, as well as completed stuff. My writing will be here too, along with lots of photos of my main peeps and our home, observations of daily life and the chaotic silliness that surrounds us, & an occasional soundtrack thrown in from my guitar hero husband. Please read, please share and please post.