Tuesday, May 11, 2010

A Wonderful MOTHER’s Day

We did what I wanted this year, which meant no plans! We jumped in the car after devouring bagels and breakfast sandwiches bought from a local deli, and cruised our way ‘down the shore’. We stopped at a new and unexplored, but much talked about playground, “Seven President’s” in Long Branch. 

The chilly weather did not stop our quest for a full day, so for lunch, we went to a famous and favorite eatery, The Wind Mill, for the best hot dogs and cheese fries in Jersey. We then motored up Hwy. 36 to Sandy Hook. The kids got their first look at the old barracks, old missiles, and some really cool birds. Once we got home, we ended the day with take-out from a really fantastic Italian restaurant in our town (one of the few…). Are you following the ‘no-cooking –for-mom’ theme I had going on? 

But my favorite part of the day, was getting my beautiful mother’s day cards. Each of my kids handcrafted their very own for me, and needless to say, they are all keepers. However, my daughter’s was exceptional. Not only did she write & illustrate the entire card herself (she’s quite the artist, that one…) but she also created an acrostic poem! 

Imagine my surprise and delight! I said “Honey, do you know what kind of poem this is?” and she beamed proudly “Yes mom, it’s an acrostic poem!” and then proceeded to explain the whole thing to me. Funny, just when I am getting into poetry myself. Shoot, I just discovered acrostics a few months ago, and here my eight year old is already writing her own! How awesome is that?!?