Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Combining Words and Art

The following 'quickie' drawings I completed in July. They are exercises that  I've been doing for awhile now that combine my art and journaling; craftily  called "Raw Art Journaling" by Quinn at Quinn Creative. Please check out her sight for daily inspiration and beautiful artwork. Reading about what she does helped me to get my own feelings expressed in a way that was concise and quick - no Picasso or Neruda stuff going on here; just a simple way of expression that always pleases...me.

The one above was created from some thoughts I had from a post earlier on this blog....in January, I think, about inspiration.

This was created as a result of thoughts from some of my older journal writings, and extrapolating from thoughtful emails that I had both sent and received. The color version really popped for me, but.... I needed to see it in black & white too. I like both equally.

I think this one is my favorite. It is simple, with few colors and the stipple technique in the petals is just the ticket. The message is to myself , and I am still learning...learning to begin.