Thursday, February 18, 2010

After the snow, and the snow, and the snow...

Fantasy: I was hoping to update this blog and finish/start /continue some artwork during the recent snow days. Reality: I have no widgets (at least, I don’t think I do….) still not sure what the difference is between ‘following’, getting email updates, or url-ing on my blog and remain confused about refining the layout stuff. How the heck do I get my banner smaller, and add some bullet points underneath it? (probably back to the HTML). And there were no updates to, continuation of, or new beginnings happening at my easel, or in my notebooks. I did manage to snap a photo of a fabulous after-snow sunset and some photos of a near white-out from the blizzard while it was happening. I’m coming off of almost two weeks of nonstop snow, school closings, snow bound kids, & stir crazy me. Yeah, I had this crazy idea that I was actually going to do some creative stuff on those snowed in days…puh-leez. I did allot of laundry, sweeping and mopping, and half way successful attempts at organization. And reading…lots of magazines to grab my attention – perfect when my attention span is frayed and frazzled to hell. But I’ve got some ideas about what my fantasy spring wardrobe will look like…( strappy sandals, blousy tops, breezy minis and indigo jeans and capris to die for) which made me start thinking about my jumpstarting my commitment to lose weight and get healthy. I may not be able to seek enough solace in my house to create, but I can crank up the stereo and use my mini-weights!


  1. there ya go! doesn't take much to get the blood flowing...
    spring is around the corner

  2. thanks for the reminder! would be nice if it would feel like it!