Tuesday, January 19, 2010

two new figures

So, I added two figures to my unfinished mermaid collage, and no, it makes no sense (in terms of composition and perspective), but these ladies needed to be here . This mixed media piece is now 'experimental'...wasn't sure how it was going, just kinda rolled with it, and it probably still isn't finished yet - BUT I did get to play around with textures on canvas, and as you know, I really like the theme. I'm finding, like so many things in my life, sometimes I just have to let it go, not analyze, and just 'see'.

My biggest lament is the shiny canvas from glue from my previous cut paper waves. Might have to cover that up with paint somehow..we'll see!


  1. WOW! I looovvve this! and I happen to like the shiny canvas.
    so pretty

  2. thanks so much!! but when you see it in person,the 'shiny'is not there...mostly the flash glare. will probably do some overpainting. thanks for posting mama!

  3. I love this image! You inspire me to draw one of my favorite subjects—mermaids. Pegasus is my other fave.

    Shelley Szajner

  4. Beautiful - love the mixed media collage and I think it works really well with this subject matter. How big is this Monica?

  5. thanks Shelley. I look forward to seeing your mermaids too.
    And Val, I'm honestly not sure how big, but would guess 12"X16". It is a pre fab canvas.