Thursday, January 7, 2010

jumping back into the water

Well, I’ve finally got my hallway back after a clearing out the last of the Christmas decorations, and rearranging all my art stuff back where it belongs. The hallway used to be my kid’s playroom when they were wee bambinos, and I claimed it as ‘mine’ about 18 months ago. It is actually much wider than a standard hallway, and makes for a nice work area (except it is carpeted, so I really must be careful when painting in there, and the ceiling slopes downward toward the front of the house, so a standard easel can’t fit very well…) and despite all the adjustments I make to work in there, it is the only spot in my entire house that is just for me - so I love it, quirks and all.

When de-cluttering it, I found my mermaid artwork. This was a favorite theme in the summer of 2008, and I explored the topic through reading all about them, and getting information on famous mermaid paintings. I did some mixed media stuff and a watercolor, but like so many of my works that I started around that time, I moved on to other things before I finished them. Allot of what I started was a prelude to my daughter’s journal cover, which is here too. 

So, one of my projects for 2010 will be to finish these swimming beauties. As I mentioned in my very first post, I’d like to show the works in progress, and then as finished pieces. The two that I’m hoping to get done are my watercolor and my mixed media painting. 

It bears noting that this ceramic creation- another mermaid work of art – was purchased at the annual Beach Plum Festival at Island Beach State Park, (by artist Linda J.King) in 2007, but it continues to give me a bit of creative inspiration each day…because this little mermaid has become the pull chain decoration on my nightstand lamp!

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