Monday, December 6, 2010

Some more

More on the 4X4 this past weekend. I'm getting happy people! Though the absolute freezing freaking COLD is deterring me from painting (because it's in the garage). I checked the weather site and it will continue to be this cold all week. Painting with gloves on is not the greatest, but I will have to do it I guess.

 So, I really like the way the wood grain is showing through now. It adds a texture to this piece that is unexpected, but I think because of it's size, it's ok- it kinda adds another dimension to it. What is annoying however, is hitting one of those ridges with the paint brush unexpectedly- and all of a sudden I've got a bump or a bulge that I wasn't ready for, and that needs correcting. The other REALLY annoying thing is how I cannot seem to position my photos on this blog the way that I want to!!!! Which is why you hafta scroll down to see the rest. I guess I get an "F" in the layout. But seriously, if you can help me out here, I'd really appreciate it!
These funky ladies are my favorites so far. They are definitely mermaid legends, rockin' in the under sea world, instinctively steering clear of  Captain Hook and his Jolly Rogers - but always on the lookout for Peter Pan.


  1. Beautiful work Monica - I love the woodgrain texture, too!
    I wish I could help you with the blog layout...I can never get photos to be next to each other either. You could try making a Piknic collage...that might be easier :)

  2. Thank You Valerie. The blog layout is super frustrating, but I will check out the Piknic. Thanks for the tip!