Wednesday, September 8, 2010

It's Not Your Mother's Decoupage

Trying some new and interesting techniques on this one. I used distress ink on top of the entire tree canopy (my fingers look like I was just printed...) but the messiness was worth it. It's supposed to create an vintage look for photographs, but I read about using it on mixed media pieces. I think it gives the tree an aged look, but also adds to the textural feel of it overall. Also, cut papers and stamps of leaves to create a tree top that I really am happy with.

This is what I got, so far. The messenger figure is salvaged from a vintage birthday card, and I created my own paper cut-out hearts. The acorns are from a magazine photo - when I saw them, I immediately cut them out, as knew I would use them eventually in a mixed media piece -this was the perfect spot for them. I also drew the basic outline for my angel on the left, and am thinking about distressing the entire angel image with ink before I paint it in. A mermaid will be swooping in from the right from cresting waves, (you can faintly see her), but I have yet to insert that last image. The finishing touches will be the inspirational words throughout. They'll have to wait till last.

Phase Two: defining images...the support rocks, and waves and sand -done; tree of life almost done. I think I'll be inserting some more smaller circles, but use metallic paint...keep the Klimt feel going. And the tree trunk will be more stylized too. My art always feels much more 'successful' to me when it does not become too 'painter-ly'. Even though I love Renoir, I always relate much more to Klimt. Know what I mean?? Anyway, it's all about trees lately people! And words with art. It's going. It's a beginning.


  1. Wow Monica - these are gorgeous - I just adore that tree in the top piece!!

  2. thank You Val! Experiments are going good so far!