Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Was You Ever Bit By A Dead Bee?

“How Little We Know”

                                     Maybe it happens this way, maybe we really belong together
But after all, how little we know
Maybe it's just for a day, love is as changeable as the weather
And after all, how little we know...
Maybe you're meant to be mine, maybe I'm only supposed
To stay in your arms awhile as others have done
Is this what I've waited for - Am I the one?
Oh, I hope in my heart that it's so
In spite of how little we know.

For all the persistent, yet hopeful  romantics out there who simply go ga-ga for a great old time movie. I finally watched "To Have and Have Not", and it was pretty darn good. Interesting story, decent script, and of course, that undeniable spark between Bogey and Bacall make the whole movie incredible. I got a special kick out of the scene when Slim gives Steve a playful smack in the face (HA!) after he finally kisses her, immediately followed by the comment about him needing a shave. I never knew about that scene... A classic, really. Here's to Steve & Slim. :)

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